What is the best vacuum sealer?

A best vacuum sealer can be described as a device which removes air from the bag that the food is going into so as to preserve the food much more effectively. Just as the name implies, a food vacuum sealer literally vacuums the air out of the package/bag before it’s sealed, which hinders growth of any mold or bacteria that could otherwise cause spoilage. Typically, bacteria and fungi are naturally present in edible food items and in presence of air/oxygen, they start decomposing, which in turn makes the food inedible. When presence of air/oxygen is limited, the process of decomposition will be halted or significantly reduced.

A food vacuum sealer ensures that moisture/air is kept away from the food. Though moisture can’t lead to decomposition on its’ own because the organisms basically need the presence of oxygen/air, still it may make the food unpleasant, soggy and tasteless. Vacuum sealers are absolutely great when it comes to getting rid of moisture/oxygen and storing food effectively. They are popular at home, among fishermen, hunters, bulk shoppers, farmers, gardeners, and many others. The vacuum sealers work by pulling away the air and creating a very tight seal all around the food being stored, hence blocking out all the elements which could otherwise hasten deterioration.

In order to make sure that there’s no moisture or redundant particles, a vacuum sealer sucks all the moisture and air out of the package, container or special plastic bag where the food is placed. This leaves you with hermetically packaged foods and no external factors will have any influence whatsoever on the taste and quality of your food. Thanks to this, you can be able to save some money by purchasing food in bulk quantities and storing it safely, in addition, you can save your leftovers by simply packing them properly. There will be no more wastage of food. Moreover, if you store vacuum sealed perishables in your freezer, they can last for months due to the low temperatures which slow down the enzyme actions.

Benefits of Having The Best Food Vacuum Sealers

Ensures the food retains freshness for a long time; With the help of the food vacuum seal, one can keep food fresh for a much longer time in the freezer without getting any freezer burns. By keeping food fresh for longer, you can greatly cut down on your grocery payments.

Helps reduce wastage; You will never have to throw away food or leftovers since you can now easily seal them and store them til when you need them again.

A food vacuum sealer will help you minimize your caloric intake and will ensure you always eat healthy food. Actually, it takes just a couple of minutes to heat up the vacuum sealed food, thus there is no need of ordering take outs or consuming junk food.

We have compiled A Comprehensive Review for the Top 9 Best Vacuum Sealers for home and commercial use

1. FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealing System

Best Food Saver: Food Saver V2244FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer features a very sleek design, quiet operation and impressive durability. Whether you want to preserve meat, cheese, fresh vegetables and other such foods, the V2244 will do the job remarkably. Not only will the V2244 keep the freezer bound food items properly sealed and completely resistant to freezer burns, but it will also do a magnificent job with preserving foods which you’d typically store in the refrigerator like cheese and bread.

This food vacuum sealer offers great functionality, and it is very easy to maintain and clean because it has a removable drip tray and also a washcloth friendly exterior surface. V2244 works perfectly with gallon, quart, and large roll bags, and its’ compact size makes it an absolutely great space saver in the kitchen.

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Features and Benefits of the FoodSaver V2244

FoodSaver V2244 has a very compact size with a manual operation. It has a Crushfree instant seal which helps you in protecting the delicate foods during the sealing process. V2244 has a patented, removable and dishwasher safe drip tray and very easy to maintain. Its’ accessory port and the hose vacuum seals the canisters and marinates foods in minutes. This Food saver comes with one year limited warranty.

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2. FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Sealing System

Best Food Saver: Food Saver V3835Affordability, compactness and smart seal technology makes the V3835 one of the most ideal choices when it comes to vacuum sealers. This high quality model actually pioneered vacuum sealers in the U.S. The smart sealing technology that’s used in this vacuum sealer helps in keeping food fresh and tasty for longer periods as compared to other methods such as containers, plastic wraps and foils. Its’ specially designed multi layer removes air and moisture, and helps store food for a very long period. If you are looking for a vacuum sealer which will easily fit on the kitchen and allow you to vacuum seal a very wide range of food types, then the FoodSaver V3835 Vacuum Sealing System is the perfect choice for you. With its’ set of buttons which allow you to be in full control of the vacuuming and sealing process, the V3835 is an absolute kitchen must have for anybody who is familiar with vacuum sealing techniques, but currently feels that they do not have compete control over the process.

As a matter of fact, the FoodSaver V3835 allows you to easily customize your vacuum sealing process, starting with heat seal plastic bags themselves. This vacuum sealer comes with the heat seal roll holder which allows you to easily store your rolls of heat seal plastic and make use of its’ built in plastic bag cutter, thus allowing you to easily cut your very own bags to sizes which best suit you. Finally, the FoodSaver V3835 vacuum sealer actual looks very classy and upscale.

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Features and Benefits of the FoodSaver V3835

FoodSaver V3835 has a space saving vertical design. It has a fully automatic operation and comes with two vacuum speeds. V3835 has dry and moist food settings for the very best sealing results. This Sealer has a Crushfree instant seal which helps in protecting the delicate foods when sealing. It has a very handy and convenient bag cutter and roll holder. The FoodSaver V3835 is very affordable and comes in a much cheaper price than the rival models, This device is actually a great vacuum sealer for beginners. It comes with great technology which you could expect from the best commercial graded models. It is very compact which ensures a perfect fit in your kitchen.

Thanks to its’ classy appearance, it can add aesthetics to your kitchen, in addition, its’ unique vertical design saves a lot of kitchen counter space which is a huge advantage.

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3. FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System with Starter Kit

Best Food Saver: Food Saver V3240 with Starter KitFoodSaver V3240 vacuum sealer features a space saving vertical design which helps in keeping the kitchen tidy. It has a simple, user friendly manual operation and comes with 2 vacuum speeds; a dry/moist food settings to give you the very best sealing. It offers the protection of CrushFree instant seal which helps in preserving even the most delicate meats. The device also has very convenient roll holders and bag cutters. This starter kit also includes one 11″ by10″ roll, 3 quart size heat seal bags, and 2 gallon heat seal bags.

Its’ hands free operation feature is a great addition in the convenience department; you simply put the food in the plastic bag, feed it in to the opening which is at the device’s bottom, close the lid and then press start. The FoodSaver V3240 actually operates with a completely automatic timing mechanism which keeps things totally hassle free. The V3240 can also auto customize so as to accommodate the kind of food that’s being stored, from sauces to solids; this unit automatically double seals each single bag to reinforce the freshness. Basically, the FoodSaver V3240 vacuum sealer is a simple, easy to use vacuum sealer which can seal almost any kind of food without much trouble. This vacuum sealer is so finely and precisely engineered, that you can even vacuum seal the potato chips without damaging or destroying them.

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Features and Benefits of the FoodSaver V3240 Vacuum Sealing System

This user-friendly device comes with convenient control panel and also saves kitchen countertop space thanks to its’ convenient vertical design. Its’ design also adds to its’ portability, and allows you to easily carry it around almost anywhere. This vacuum sealer is greatly inexpensive. As a matter of fact, it is probably one of the most affordable food vacuum sealers in the market. Its’ 2 vacuum speed levels are quite ideal for choosing the way you wish your food sealed. The Crushfree feature of V3240 is simply awesome. You will never have to worry about crushing some delicate foods like bananas.

The roll holder and bag cutter are very essential and convenient features which every kitchen should have one. The extra wide sealing strip add to its’ conventionality and also ease of use. The V3240 drip tray catches any excess drips and keeps your kitchen clean and tidy. This vacuum sealer can keeps your food fresh 5 times longer.

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4. FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing System

Best Food Saver 2016: FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1 Vacuum Sealing SystemThe unit is as sleek as it’s functional. Its’ chrome face is very easy to maintain and clean. Its’ lightweight and has a simple, sleek and very intuitive design. The FoodSaver 4840 vacuum sealer is the ideal merge of user friendliness and premium functionality. This unit can keep your foods fresh up to 5 times much longer than the traditional storage products, in addition, its’ 2in1 vacuum sealing technology allows the user to select either heat sealing or hand held vacuuming operation. The device can handle both pre cut bags and bag rolls, and can also accommodate the resealable zipper bags which you’d commonly use for the refrigerated foods.

The 4840 is incredibly versatile and will allow you to vacuum packaged foods for long term storage through heat sealing. It also enables you to store the foods which you plan on opening and closing more frequently by way of retractable hand held sealer. Actually, one of the most handy and convenient features of the device is its’ automatic bag detection system that allows the user to keep their hands on the plastic bag rather than having to be worried about dealing with controls while also trying to keep the plastic bag straight. Moreover, the FoodSaver 4840 vacuum sealer can detect whether the foods you are storing are moist or dry, and then it’ll automatically adjust the sealing level accordingly.

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Features and Benefits of the FoodSaver 4840 2-in-1

Its’ built in retractable hand held sealer is absolutely great for sealing containers, canisters and more. This Sealer Includes a rapid marinate mode that marinates meats in a matter of minutes. FoodSaver 4840 has settings for dry and moist as well as a convenient roll storage and bag cutter. 4840 comes with a pull out drip tray drawer which has a patented, removable and dishwasher safe drip tray. This fully automatic device helps you seal the bags very easily and also comes with a great starter kit. The starter kit includes zipper bags, heat seal roll, containers, heat seal bags and a wine stopper. It has LED indicators and 2 vacuum speeds levels which makes it a great companion for your kitchen. This device is actually the latest model with very compact features, and is highly flexible. The FoodSaver V4840 does not only increase the shelf life of both fresh and raw foods, but can also store foods like fruits, vegetables, coffees and teas for a long time.

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5. Food Saver Game Saver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Kit

Best Food Saver: FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing KitFoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe is a great food vacuum sealer. The device has been designed to maintain the fresh taste of food and it seals foods very tightly to preserve the nutrients and flavor without any worry of freezer burns. This model is actually very reasonably priced and was designed with the hunter or sportsman in mind. It features a hands free, press and release type of operation which helps save game meat and other types of foods, a built in cutter and a convenient roll storage. It also has vacuum chambers which catch overflow liquids.

This incredible sealing device comes with easy to use guide book and some very brilliant features. It’s white in color and is very compact which means you can easily store it anywhere in the kitchen. Its’ easy press, release option is actually very good and enables hands free use, which guarantees air tight sealing. You can also use this device to protect your clothes by sealing them effectively so that you can wear them in the next season.

The Food Saver Game Saver Deluxe sealer comes with sealing time adjustments which has 2 levels so as to give you quick service with the bag cutter. It also comes with 10 inch roll of 11 inch bag, 5 gallon bags, an accessory port and a hose. Its’ speed options enable the user to accommodate nearly any kind of food by adjusting the speeds between high level and normal level.

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Features and Benefits of the Food Saver Game Saver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Kit

This is one of the most powerful vacuum sealers in the market and is ideal for hunters and fishermen. Its’ press and release levers allow for a hands free use. This Game Saver Deluxe includes an accessory port and a hose vacuum which seals canisters and also marinates food in a matter of minutes. The Game Saver vacuum sealing kit includes a built in bag cutter and a roll storage with easy, one touch controls. It has an extra wide sealing strip which creates a secure and airtight seal on your food. It has dry and food settings for the very best sealing. It has a crushfree instant seal which gives you the control to stops the vacuum sealing process to prevent the food from crushing. The Food Saver vacuum sealer comes backed with 1 year warranty.

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6. FoodSaver V4880 Vacuum Sealing System

Best Food Saver - Foodsaver V4880 Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealing SystemFoodSaver V4880 Vacuum Sealer features a very sleek design, quiet operation and impressive durability. Whether you want to preserve meat, cheese, fresh vegetables and other such foods, the V4880 will do the job remarkably. Not only will the V4880 keep the freezer bound food items properly sealed and completely resistant to freezer burns, but it will also do a magnificent job with preserving foods which you’d typically store in the refrigerator like cheese and bread.

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Feature and Benefit of the FoodSaver V4880

This food vacuum sealer offers great functionality, and it is very easy to maintain and clean because it has a removable drip tray and also a washcloth friendly exterior surface. V4880 works perfectly with gallon, quart, and large roll bags, and its’ compact size makes it an absolutely great space saver in the kitchen. Features and Benefits -It has a very compact size with a manual operation. -It has a Crushfree instant seal which helps in protecting the delicate foods during the sealing process. -It has a patented, removable and dishwasher safe drip tray. -Its’ accessory port and the hose vacuum seals the canisters and marinates foods in minutes. -It comes with 5 year limited warranty.

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7. Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum Sealer review - Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer, SilverThis is on of the best vacuum sealers in the market today. If you’re looking for a heavy duty vacuum sealer, this is the ideal choice for you. With this magnificent sealing system, you will be able to keep your foods fresh up to 5 times much longer than any other sealing system. This unit will not only increase the shelf life of your foods, but it also keeps the foods crispier and tastier. The Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 vacuum sealer may be a little more expensive than some other models, but it greatly makes up for that thanks to its’ uber performance, durability and its’ ability to seal plastic bags up to 15 inches wide. It can be both automatically and manually operated, and has an internal cooling fan which protects the inner unit from any excessive heating. Its’ cooling fan is typically activated soon as the vacuum sealer is plugged in. One can also store its’ power cord inside the unit’s attachment compartment for a much better and easier access so as to avoid water damage and misplacement.

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Features and Benefits of the Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer

Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 has a very convenient one touch operation (automatic mode). You can custom seal using the manual mode. It has an extra large Teflon bar which can seal up to 15 inch bags. It has a very powerful double piston vacuum pump, a fan cooled motor, and much more. It is of high quality and offers peak performance. Weston 65-0201 Pro-2300 Vacuum Sealer has been tested for safety. It provides a much better way of living for your family. This countertop vacuum sealer helps in keeping food fresh five to six times longer. The unit comes with a one year warranty.

The auto mode is absolutely great for saving time, and taking care of the simple jobs, whilst the manual mode is ideal if you want to seal something in a highly specific way and requires special care. Weston Vacuum Sealer will do more than simply preserve foods, silver, rare collectible coins, and other such valuables can all be kept safe from moisture and air when placed in air tight storage. This vacuum sealer will stores them in air tight packaging for the perfect safe keeping.

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8. VacMaster VP112 Chamber Vacuum Sealing Kit

Best Vacuum Sealer 2016: VacMaster Pro VP112The VP 112 chamber Food vacuum sealer is great for liquid rich foods and will help keep your precious foods fresh for you to enjoy them later on. VacMaster VP112 has a very portable design and easily fits in any part of the kitchen. The weight of the machine is just 40 pounds. The unit comes with an easily accessible and customizable control panel that’s about 12″ long. With the aid of the control panel, one can get to customize sealing as per his/her packaging requirements. The inner part of the unit includes a vacuum chamber where you can place a plastic bag so as to seal it perfectly.

The Vac Master VP 112 chamber food vacuum sealer actually resembles a motor or a pump. Unlike the earlier versions, these model comes with an accessory port and a hose. The accessory ports and cable helps in sealing jars, containers and canisters. The unit has a very compact frame which reduces the cost and increases the productivity. The VP112 sealer has a pressure gauge which has a stop button as well as a sealing gauge which has an on/off button.

If you’re looking for a top of the class vacuum sealer for storing foods, then the VacMaster vacuum sealer is the right choice for you. This food vacuum sealing kit is particularly ideal for housewives who desire something that’s unique and classy. Actually, the VP 112 chamber vacuum sealing system comes with a very sleek and stainless exterior where there’s a smoked lid option. This enables you to see the entire vacuuming process.

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Features and Benefits of the VacMaster VP112

This device is arguably the perfect user friendly sealing companion with great additional features. The type of digital technology that’s used on the control panel will assist you get everything under control. The wide sealing provides the perfect protection for storing foods for long periods of time. You basically get the vacuum sealer with retractable and patented 12″ wide seal bar. The overall design of the VP112 is aesthetically pleasing and very compact. The machine is light and weights at just 40 lbs; the VacMaster VP112 is actually a very portable device. The tiny frame is actually made up of stainless steel making it 1 of the most high quality and portable vacuum sealers.The sealer is very versatile. The operation and the functioning of the VP112 is very easy.

All one needs to do is pack the foods in the right bags and then tuck the mouth of the bag inside the seal bar. And all the work will be effectively done by this magnificent sealer. It keeps game meat, fresher for longer. It stores meats and fish, scent free and tastier. It eliminates wastage of foods.

The VacMaster VP112 sealing system is a very reliable and effective device when it comes to storing foods. This product is a great purchase for any modern kitchen.

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9. VacMaster VP 215 Vacuum Sealer

Best Vacuum Sealer 2016: VacMaster VP215 Chamber Vacuum SealerThe VacMaster VP 215 Vacuum Sealer system is known for being a quite and fast machine which delivers uber performance. It is a very popular device with home users. It is also sturdy and powerful enough for smaller restaurants and various other light commercial settings.
This powerful, efficient and reliable machine combines a durable stainless steel frame with a very powerful, quarter horse power rotary oil pump, giving you all the air/moisture removal power you need. Its’ easy to use digital control panel, and the pressure indicator helps you match the vacuum sealer’s setting according to your food. The rotary oil pump is designed with a 10″ seal bar and has a chamber which can handle food pouch of sizes that are up to 10 by 13 inches. The device produces consistently reliable tight seals, works perfectly well with liquids and solids, and can run continuously without ever needing to cool down between bags. This device will continuously run for long and will deliver a strong and complete vacuum sealing every single time. The VacMaster VP215 isn’t just ideal for using in households, this device can also be used in small food shops. It has 1/4 horse power rotary engine which makes it work much faster than most other food sealers.

One of its’ most amazing features is its’ flexibility. The device can seal nearly any sort of food in its’ pouch. Unlike most other chamber vacuum sealers, it’s also great for marinating.

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Features and Benefits of the VacMaster VP 215 Vacuum Sealer

It is a commercial grade vacuum packaging system, which can be used for many other applications. VP215 offers a variety of many packaging options. Its’ seal timer is adjustable which allows for a wide variety of plastic bag thickness, and its’ vacuum cycle times adjust from 0 – 60 seconds for different packaging amounts and consistencies. It has a stop option which one can use to instantly start the sealing process. The double seal on each plastic bag ensures a lasting and complete seal which is twice much stronger than other machines. This Vacuum Sealer has a very powerful design with a solid and heavy duty stainless steel which means its’ body is durable enough for both commercial and large scale home use. It features commercial chamber technology. It has an easy to use control panel and has an easy to read pressure LED indicator also includes; a user guide, a starter kit, 2 filler plates and 75 assorted vacuum chamber pouches. It is well equipped with a 1/4 horse power rotary oil pump which can manage large loads.

The VacMaster VP 215 food vacuum sealer will make your kitchen experience more fun and much easier. Moreover, it will also increase the overall aesthetic value of the kitchen. With the VP215, you will no longer need to store foods in large space consuming boxes and cartons; you can use this chamber vacuum sealer to effectively seal in your foods in bags and keep the food fresh for longer. Purchasing this product is a clever use of both your money and kitchen space. Given its’ many great features, it’s considered to be 1 of the best products in its’ category.

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Types of Vacuum Sealers

There are various different types of food vacuum sealers that are available in the market. The 2 main types of food vacuum sealers are external vacuum sealers and chamber vacuum sealers. The chamber food vacuum sealers remove the air from the chambers and seal the bags thus keeping the food free from moisture and air. The external vacuum sealers only remove the air from inside the plastic bags. The chamber food vacuum sealers are commonly used by professionals, while the external food vacuum sealers are best suited for
home use. The chamber vacuum sealers are often considered as commercial vacuum sealers, because they are mostly used by farmers, butchers, and restaurant staff due to their sealing quality, and their ability to package foods in bulk.

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Chamber Vacuum Sealers

The chamber vacuum sealers use a completely different type of packaging approach. The chamber vacuum sealers remove air from the chambers which include the plastic bag, seals the plastic bag then after, returns the vacuumed chamber to its’ normal atmosphere. This ensures that the product is 99% air free when the procedure is completed since the bag is sealed in the vacuum. The chamber vacuum sealers allow adjustment of the amount of air that’s removed. This is particularly ideal especially when you’re packaging delicate foods.
With a chamber vacuum sealing machine, the entire bag that is placed inside the vacuum sealing machine and the lid, is brought down over it. The chamber vacuum sealing device removes all the air from the chamber, and when vacuuming cycle is completed, the heat bar will rise and apply the seal to the plastic bag. Since the device never sucks on the open end of the plastic bag, you can be able to seal stews, soups, and nearly any liquid in a bag. In addition, you can use many different flat chamber vacuum plastic bags with this kind of vacuum sealing technology. Chamber vacuum sealers are ideal for the extremely oxygen sensitive foods and products.

The chamber vacuum sealers come with an integrated oil pump which removes all the air from the inside of the bag and the chamber at a go. Its’ oil pump doesn’t require a compressed air source. In a chamber vacuum sealer, the change in the pressure occurs inside the chamber, meaning the pressure changes both outside and inside the bag at a go.

External Vacuum Sealers

These are ideal for light-to-moderate household use, however, they can struggle with packaging some messy foods such flour and anything that has liquid in it, like soups and juicy meat cuts; this is because they basically suck liquid out with air, which gums up the device’s internal working and keeps the plastic bag from sealing properly.

Handheld Food Vacuum Sealers

Handheld food vacuum sealers offer a great balance between usability and convenience. They are an ideal choice for those who want to have a good vacuum sealer at hand which they can use occasionally. This appliance either draws the air out through a 1 way valve in the specially designed bags, or draws the air out via a tiny puncture in the plastic bag, then seals all the way round the puncture.

6 Factors To Consider When Choosing The Best Vacuum Sealer

Vacuum food sealers are actually one of the most useful recent inventions in the market, and given the many types of vacuum sealers available in the market, buyers might tend to get confused on exactly which one of the many options is best suited for them. Here are some of the factors you need to consider when looking for the best food vacuum sealer that’s suited for you;


This is one of the most important factors to consider. Since the device deals with heat so as to seal the plastic bags, it’s important to check for safety certifications and other added features which help in ensuring that the device is totally safe. For instance, some devices have indicator lighting which lets you know when the plastic bag is completely sealed.


This is also really important. You do not want to have your foods all ready to get packaged only to find out that your vacuum sealer isn’t functioning as it should. You should look for models which are dependable, so you’re sure that your unit will always get the job done.


You need to ask yourself some questions like; how much food do you intend to vacuum seal every day? A vacuum sealer is designed in accordance to a consumer’s usage, so if you’re a home user, you should opt for a vacuum sealer that’s intended for home use. On the other hand, in case you’re in food business, you’d rather opt for an heavy duty vacuum sealer.

Kitchen Space

When considering a food vacuum sealer, you need to take into account the actual kitchen space available and the size of pouches you intend to seal.

Functions and Features

When vacuum sealers 1st came into the market, they were basically simple devices, however, nowadays they’ve many innovative functions and features. You need to determine the type of functions and features which are most useful and important to you. Some of these devices now have roll holders and bag cutters. Most of them feature hands free operation, which is especially great for those who are very busy.

Portability and Quality

Depending on your particular requirements, you might consider purchasing a hand held portable device to take with you on vacations or you can opt for the bigger sizes which offer better performance.

Vacuum sealers are usually used by numerous industries from grocery stores, food manufacturers, and also in households to preserve foods. Actually, vacuum sealers are among some of the most commonly used appliances when it comes to food packaging. The main reason why these units are so widely used is because they can significantly extend the lifespan of the foods’ shelf life.


Choosing the best food vacuum sealing kit is a great way of preserving your foods for a long time and preventing freezer burn. A vacuum sealer can also help you preserve a wide variety of various other items ranging from magazine collections to electronics.

Today, there are lots of vacuum sealers in the market. Some have basic features and serve the purpose of simply sealing foods, while some others have very unique features such as drip trays and indicator lights. The units with more advanced features usually sell for a little more, however, they are totally worth the little extra in case you find the extra features are the ones you’d like to use. The above review as clearly listed the best food vacuum sealing kits in the market, pick one that best suits your needs and start enjoying the many benefits they offer.

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