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Best food saver 2017: Top 10 Reviews and Buyer Guide

It is rather obvious that even though there are many vacuum sealers to choose from, you can only buy 1 or just a few due to limited resources and lack of rich information on what exactly to look for when making your purchase. For this reason, we have tried and tested the best food saver in the market. Our reviews are put through a series of rigorous tests in order to provide the most genuine information to help you make a better and informed decision while making your purchase.

We have compiled a list of highly rated and most popular vacuum sealers in the market. With each sealer rated based on its price, quality, durability, customer reviews among others. This means that, the extensive information provided for each review is unbiased and its main aim is to help you to further understand the benefits, features and cons of each sealer.

Why these 10 are the best food saver in the market?

The aluminum foils, plastic wraps and zip lock bags share one thing in common, although they are meant to be effective food storage solutions, none of them can preserve food items for more than a few days. In this regards, a good food vacuum sealer becomes very indispensable whenever you want to store food for long periods of time without compromising its quality.

If you are looking for a vacuum sealer that is designed with precision, quality and performance in mind, you can choose from the 10 FoodSaver sealers outlined in this article. The idea behind these vacuum sealers is that they suck out all air from the food storage bag or canning jar then seal the opening shut. This ensures that no oxygen and moisture gets into contact with your food and hence keeps your food fresh for long.

If you like you can also use magazines, letters, artifacts and linens to preserve your food from dust and moisture. But no matter the preservation mode you use, none beats out either of the highlighted FoodSaver food vacuum sealer models.

Best food saver 2017: Compare Best Model

Food Saver ModelDimensions/inchWeightPrice
FoodSaver V22445.9 x 10.6 x 17.71 lbs Check Price
FoodSaver V32409.1 x 10.7 x 18.68.7 lbs Check Price
FoodSaver 4840 2 in 111 x 20 x 1210 lbs Check Price
FoodSaver FSFSSL5860 2 in 116.8 x 5.2 x 10.211.2 lbs Check Price
FoodSaver V488022 x 10.5 x 9.511.2 lbs Check Price
FoodSaver V383525.4 x 5.4 x 10.39.2 lbs Check Price
Food Saver Professional17.8 x 5.9 x 13.36.6 lbs Check Price
FoodSaver FM2100 00011.6 x 25.7 x 9.415 lbs Check Price
GameSaver Silver11 lbs Check Price
GameSaver Deluxe19 x 7.2 x 15.68.2 lbs Check Price

FoodSaver V2244 Vacuum Sealer

Best Food Saver Reviews: FoodSaver V2244

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  • Patented, removable , dishwasher safe drip tray
  • Has accessories and a hose pipe vacuum to seal canisters
  • Crush-Free Seal to prevent delicate food from crushing during sealing


  • Has a strong motor thus can be a bit noisy

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There are so many food vacuum sealers in the market and there is the FoodSaver V2244. If you are in the market for a sealer to keep your cheese, chicken, meats, cooking sauces as well as left-over, fresh for 5 times longer while maintaining its quality, the Foodsaver V2244 is a good bet. You are yet to get surprised by its compact and lightweight design that makes it easy for you to handle and relocate it comfortably.

You will also not help but notice the amazing durable plastic body and the color it comes in, black. Furthermore, when it comes to preserving and marinating your food items, the V2244 can handle that without any difficulty. This has been made possible by its innovative design that offers maximum ease and quick functions.

The Foodsaver V2244 design is perfectly complimented by its full pack of features. It is accompanied by a removable drip tray that collects all spillages. This ensures that your kitchen countertop is free of any associated mess. Manually operated, the star of the show, V2244 Foodsaver is a big delight to those old fashioned cooks you enjoy to preserve their foods at their homes.

Aside from this, it features an easy to open lid for better sealing. Also when sealing delicate foods, the crushfree seal lets you do that without the worry of crushing it.

Who doesn’t like to have a machine that is easy to understand and operate? Of course, no one doesn’t. Well, when it come to this food sealer, you are likely to get more intrigued by its intuitive control panel. It is user friendly and includes options such as seal only and, vacuum &seal buttons for added convenience in operation.

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If you like to seal the FoodSaver canister and also marinate your meat, poultry in just a few seconds, the featured accessory hose enables you to do this. Besides that, you will get a smooth sealing experience that is more complete and customized.

Any machine is said to be great and efficient if it’s not only easy to use but also simple to clean and maintain. When it comes to this food vacuum sealer, it fulfills that 100 percent. Cleaning has never been easier than it is with the V2244. This has also been made possible by the included patented, removable dish washer safe drip tray.

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FoodSaver V3240 with Starter Kit

Best food saver reviews: FoodSaver V3240 with Starter Kit

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  • Affordable
  • Has 2 vacuum speeds for sealing different food types
  • The crush free feature lets you seal delicate food without crushing it


  • Sometimes when it’s in the fastest vacuum speed, it will not seal your food tightly

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The FoodSaver V3240 is a vacuum sealer that speaks greatness, efficiency and quality. It lets you be in full control during your sealing process unlike the generic vacuum sealers. In this case, it is ideal for beginners and anyone who takes interest in asserting their own control. The V3240 has a small price tag, not to mention that this is well matched with a variety of features and functions.

If you like to have power in your hands, the V3240 lets you do exactly that. It offers you ingenious technology such that you don’t need to know the whole sealer for you to carry out the programs that best fit you as well as the type of food you would wish to vacuum seal. Speaking of which, this machine is fully programmable with 2-speed options, 2 food type options and sealing options; seal or vacuum & seal option.

For those who seal different types of food in different sizes, they will appreciate the heat seal roll holder and bag cutter features. These features let you be in full control over the size of your vacuum bags and in turn result in a more cost effective vacuum sealing process. Better yet, if you want to store a full-size turkey or a large bird, you can do so using one vacuum bag provided that the width does not exceed that of your heat seal roll.

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While using the V3240 vacuum, you get to choose exactly what you want to seal. For example, you can seal meat, vegetables, fruits, desserts, cottage pie, among others. When sealing more delicate foods, you won’t have to worry about crushing it because the crush free instant seal takes care of that.

You may think that because the V3240 is manual, it is less efficient than the automatic vacuum sealers. Well, the truth is, there is no loss in quality. In fact, the 3240 lets you add input in each step of the vacuum sealing process, all thanks to its full set of manual controls.

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FoodSaver 4840 2 in 1

Best food saver reviews: FoodSaver 4840 2 in 1

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  • Very fast and economical when compared to other sealers in the market
  • Highly efficient and suitable for packing many bags
  • It is fully automatic


  • Not very efficient is packing food items with high liquid contents

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Today, most families have adopted the use of vacuum sealers for effective and efficient food storage. Finding the best vacuum sealer can be a challenging experience, the reason why the FoodSaver 2 in 1 comes to your rescue. With an affordable price point coupled with a rich feature and functions set, the 4840 draws attention from all corners in the world. In fact, it is said that the 4840 is one of the few top rated vacuum sealers currently in the market.

The 4840 has adopted one of the newest technology, 2 in 1 sealing option. Still wondering how it benefits you? Well, the 2 in 1 technology gives you the chance to seal in different ways and in turn results in cost-effectiveness. Actually, this technology has given the 4840 an upper hand in sealing for both long and short term food storage requirements.

Designed with an aim of providing flexibility to its users, this machine features a retracting hand-held sealer that is capable of that. The 4840 ensures that all air is drawn out of the storage containers as well as the freezer bags in order to create a secure air tight seal.

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If you don’t like to be engaged a lot during the sealing process, then you just found the right machine. If there is a feature that you will appreciate, it’s the fully automatic option. Why is that? The answer is pretty simple, this feature allows the machine to sense the sealing bags and vacuums them, then auto shut itself down once it’s done with the vacuuming and sealing process.

How can I forget to mention the marinate mode? Well, this is an important function when it comes to marinating your beef, chicken, seafood, tofu, vegetables etc. in just few minutes. Furthermore, the best sealer is one that provides a secure airtight seal that is capable of keeping food fresh for long periods. In this case, the 4840 satisfies this with its extra wide sealing strip that also provides an extra layer of protection to the air tight condition.

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FoodSaver FSFSSL5860 Premium 2-in 1

Best food saver reviews - Food Saver FSFSSL5860 Premium 2-in 1

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  • 5-year limited warranty.
  • Has extra attachments for sealing zip lock bags and containers
  • It is automatic.
  • Powerful and easily sucks out all the air out of the sealer bags for a secure airtight seal.


  • This unit sits a bit far back hence resulting is bag wastage.

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If you like investing in high quality kitchen appliances and want a food vacuum sealer with superior suction and sealing for flavorsome and fresh foods, then you might consider the FSFSSL5860-DTC Premium 2-In-1. For busy kitchens that require versatility to meet a wide range of needs, this unit will also be a great choice.

The Foodsaver FSFSSL5860-DTC is a powerful, quality sealer that lets you make airtight and seal zipper bags, in addition to sucking out all air from containers and jars in order to keep your food fresh for long.

It only takes the touch of a button to marinate, vacuum and seal your foods. Simply put the food of your choice into the bags, select the function you desire then align the bag to the open end of the sealer. The sealers automatic sensor does all the rest for you is 10 seconds.

With the convenient handheld vacuum, you will not need fiddly attachments and hoses. This means that you can turn the unit on and let it suck out air from Manson jars, zipper bags as well as containers without any fuss.

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Besides the in- built holder and cutter that are common in earlier FoodSaver models, the FSFSSL5860-DTC Premium 2-In-1 also includes an automatic bag dispenser. With this feature you just need to push the button and the bag rolls out, ready for you’re to start packaging your food items. Better yet, this sealer automatically rewinds itself if too much of the roll is released. Nonetheless, it is hands-free hence saves a lot of time.

This sealer is incredibly easy to maintain. The only time you will be required to open this unit is when changing the bag roll. With its cleaver warning systems, you get alert when the rolls are depleted and when the drip tray needs cleaning and emptying.

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FoodSaver V4880

Best food saver reviews: Foodsaver V4880 Fully Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

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  • Features a handheld sealer
  • The marinate mode lets you marinate your foods in just a few minutes
  • It is fully automatic
  • Comes with a 5 year warranty


  • Heavier than most of its contenders

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Looking for a food vacuum sealer that lets you marinate and vacuum seal your food items, but you haven’t found one within your budget or something that is worth your while? Well, with all the fancy bells and whistles and extras integrated in the starter kit of the FoodSaver V4880, you sure wouldn’t have a reason to look somewhere else.

It is worth mentioning that the V4880 automatically detects a FoodSaver bag when placed into the mouth of the sealer. It then starts to vacuum seal instantly without you having to intervene. This makes it easy especially if you are sealing high volumes of foods. Such foods include vegetables, fruits, meat etc.

If you are always particular on the sizes of vacuum sealing bags, with the in-built cutter you can customize your own bags. This is very economical since there is no much wastage of the bags. The rapid marinate is a great feature for anyone who likes to marinate different types of foods within minutes. This an incredible way of preserving your food flavor and consistency.

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The retractable handheld sealer along with FoodSaver canisters and marinates allow you to maximize your containers at hand especially when your kitchen counter becomes crowded and cannot fit the full body of the V4880 on the counter top. With the 2 vacuum speeds, you can adjust them to best fit the type of food (dry or moist) been sealed. Although this sealer is fully automatic, there is a manual control included as well, pulsevac. This lets you control how slow of fast air can be removed from the heat seal bags.

You won’t have to worry about your food going down the drain because it got spoilt. The extra wide sealing strip ensures there is added protection for the airtight environment. This results in a secure airtight seal. When it comes to cleaning, don’t feel distressed about how exactly you will do it. There is a removable drip tray that catches overflow liquids. This will ensure that your kitchen countertop is free of any mess. Besides, it is dishwasher safe.

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FoodSaver V3835

Best food saver reviews: Food Saver V3835

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  • Fully automated process
  • Capable of sealing canisters, marinate and seal wet foods
  • It easy to store
  • Affordable and reliable


  • Wastes some bags and has slow speed

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The affordable and compact FoodSaver V3835 vacuum sealer is specially designed to keep your food fresh 5 times longer than usual storage solutions e.g. the plastic wraps, zipper bags and foil. When it comes to design, no machine in its class can beat it out. The all black design with a small front slit and massive backend gives this sealer a traditional vacuum sealer design. This makes it radically distinctive and ideal for anyone who appreciates ancient feel and touch.

The Foodsaver V2835 is capable of sealing wet and dry foods, marinating and sous vide cooking. And for it to maximize on freshness of your food, it includes a variety of settings for adjusting the heat and vacuum strengths.

If you want to increase or decrease vacuum rate depending on the fragility of your food, you can choose from the 2 speed settings for moist and dry food. Additionally, with a rapid marinate made, you can quickly marinate your fish or meat in just a few minutes. There is also the option of using the crush free mode that prevents delicate foods from crushing while sealing.

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Yet other important features are the accessory button and hose that allow you to vacuum seal canisters, cans and jars. You will also appreciate the in-built bag storage roll compartments that help to keep your bags close at hand. With the integrated LED panels, you are sure to be well informed if the sealer needs a quick cool down or whether this unit is ready to accept another bag as well as .

The easy to use FoodSaver V3835 is completely automated hence requires little maintenance cost. Furthermore, its surface is grime and smudge free thus doesn’t catch dirt easily. This makes the cleaning process a breeze. There is also a dishwasher free removable drip tray that contributes to ease of cleaning. It does so by catching overflows hence ensure a mess free kitchen countertop.

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Food Saver Professional Sealer

Best food saver reviews: Food Saver Professional Sealer

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  • Easy to use
  • Comes with an accessory hose
  • Includes a quick user’s manual that is simple and straight forward
  • Has a patented, removable, dish washer safer for easy cleaning


  • It overheats when used for long. This reduces on its efficiency and wastes time.

Check Price

The first thing that will catch your attention about the FoodSaver Professional vacuum sealer when removed outside the box is its smart black finish. This will not only fascinate you but it is a good design to compliment your kitchen décor. This semi-commercial model is perfect for a housewife looking to do great volumes of sealing at home. Not to mention, it is also ideal for hunters and fishermen.

Yet other crucial features, the bag and roll cutter that let you customize your own bags (8 and 11 inches in size). This is a great way to save much more needed money. Speaking of bags, this vacuum sealer can use the standard range of FoodSaver bags including the Gallon and Quart sized bags.

When it comes to storing your food for long while still maintain its quality, the wide strip caters for this. Just as its name suggests, it is extra wide, probably twice as wide compared to most sealers. This comes in handy for providing you a secure airtight seal hence making it possible to store food for the long term.

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This sealer comes with enough storage compartments where you can store your roll and bags as well as the accessory hose. Also, the rear of this unit has a special compartment for storing the power cable. The featured drip tray is detachable. This means that cleaning the unit is a breeze. Furthermore, you will like it even more for it is dishwasher safe. You can also plug the sealer into a 120 volt power supply only. This comes in handy with its 3 prong polarized plug.

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FoodSaver FM2100 000

Best Food Saver - FoodSaver FM2100 000

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  • Affordable
  • Comes in vertical space saving design
  • Uses a new technology that saves on bag waste


  • Some complained that it is not effective in sealing a number of moist bags in a row

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Most people will want to make their food budgets stretch as far as possible. If you are anything like that, it means looking for effective ways to store your food items such as vegetables and fruits. It is no secret that once air comes into contact with food, it starts to spoil almost immediately. In this case, the FoodSaver FM2100 000 would be a great choice to store you food fresh for long without compromising its quality.

This sealer is manually operated but you can be rest assured that it is easy and simple to you. Actually, you don’t require any technical skills to operate it. It is built in an innovative design that lets you use small waste bags that are a great way of minimizing on cost and the waste bags disposed.

A common feature with the FoodSaver appliances is the ability to keep food fresh 5 times longer than other systems. The FoodSaver FM2100 000 is no exemption as it includes this feature. You will enjoy a fast food steeping experience with the food marinating process that takes just a few minutes. Thanks to the FM2100 000 compact, vertical design which takes up less space in your kitchen, meaning you can move it and place it on a kitchen table to begin the process of steeping.

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If you like to have more control over the sealing process, the moist and dry food settings will let you do exactly that. There is also a roll storage and roll cutter that are efficient in their operation. If you like you can use the roll of heat to customize your own bags thereby reducing any chance of wasting bag material. Better yet, this unit is compatible with pre made bags.

In addition, you get accessory ports and hose. These are handy features when it comes to marinating your food within the shortest time possible. Besides, you will have the benefits to use the included 3 quart bags and 2 gallon bags.

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FoodSaver GameSaver Silver Repetitive Sealing

Best food saver reviews: FoodSaver GameSaver Silver Repetitive Sealing

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  • Affordable
  • Built-in storage and cutter for customizing your own bags
  • Removable drip tray for easy cleaning


  • Some users complained that it overheats when sealing high volumes in a row

Check Price

Created with fishermen, outdoor enthusiasts and hunters in mind, the FoodSaver GameSaver comes fully packed with a rich set of features. It comes in a rugged design that integrates the large XL rubberized buttons and a carrying handle. These features work together for easy movement of your food sealer.

When it comes to cleaning, you will not have to disassemble to the core for you to achieve this. With XL patented removable drip tray, you are not only assured of an easy cleaning process but also a mess-free operation. Why is that? Well, the tray collects all overflow liquids thus preventing any spillage on your kitchen counter top.

You will not have to look for extra space to store your accessory hose, 5 FoodSaver gallon and Quart bags as well as 1 FoodSaver roll. This has been catered for by the integrated build in storage compartment. Again, if you are always looking for ways to save your money, the built-in cutter gives you the chance to do that. It lets you customize your own bags, thereby reducing the on wastage of bags.

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It is worth mentioning that this sealer was specially designed for heavy duty repetitive use. You will be amazed at how fast the sealing process is and its capability of sealing 25 bags in a row without overheating. Moreover, its new design has an intelligent sealing control and includes a 12 volt DC adapter that allows you to use with any standard household outlet.

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FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Kit

Best food saver reviews: FoodSaver GameSaver Deluxe Vacuum Sealing Kit

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 -This device has an easy one touch control which is very efficient.
-The device gives users an airtight sealing.
-This sealing machine comes with a very simple to use system, and has very many brilliant features.
-It offers quick service thanks to the bag cutter.
-It has an extra wide sealing strip which creates secure, airtight seals.
-It features Dry and Moist food settings which offers users optimal sealing.
-It comes with an accessory port and a hose vacuum which seals containers jars and can marinate food in a matter of minutes.
-It has a CrushFree Instant Seal which stops the vacuuming process so as to prevent foods from crushing.

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How to Choose Best Food Saver – Buyer’s Guide

Today, there are many models of food saver vacuum sealers on the market, which makes it rather difficult for buyers to choose the best food saver that’s the most suited for them. To solve this issue, here are some tips on how to choose the best vacuum sealer for home and commercial use.

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Kitchen space

You need to consider your kitchen space when buying a Food Saver vacuum sealer especially if you want to buy a countertop model. In case you have a small kitchen space, you can consider purchasing the handheld models. There are Food Saver vacuum sealers which are very portable and you can carry them with you almost anywhere. They’re also very light and easy to carry. There are also Food Saver vacuum sealers which are vertical or upright and can save you a lot of kitchen space.


You need to consider the purpose of the Food Saver, how much food do you intend to vacuum seal, just how often you will be using it and such other considerations. There are many different models of Food Savers which are specifically designed to correspond with the consumer’s usage.

In case you want to buy a vacuum sealer for sealing normal foods which can be preserved for only a week, the handheld model is quite enough. However, if you want to extend the lifespan of the food for up to a few months, the countertop model is the better option. If you want to buy 1 for your business, you should consider purchasing the heavy duty sealer.

Warranty and Efficiency

When you’re purchasing a vacuum sealer you should look for a prolonged warranty and the blue energy efficiency label. You can also check what type of material the sealer has been made from; if the exterior is plastic, it might probably not last very long, however, if the exterior is made of metal then chances are that it will last longer.

Size of Food

Each model of Food Saver vacuum sealers has a limit size of the bags which it can seal. Thus, you should consider this particular aspect before purchasing one. If you want to seal bigger food portions which can be put in 15 inch seal bags, it’s good to know that there some models which cannot take care of this. If you intend on sealing bigger food portions for a long period of time then you need a bigger vacuum sealer which can support bigger bags and has a stronger air suction.


Different Food Saver models have different maintenance types. The bigger models usually come with the dip free tray already well set up and fully installed, and they usually have anti bacterial surface thus they are easy to clean. In regards to operation, certain models work best with the proprietary bags, and though generic bag rolls might be used with some models, the service quality may vary. Also while most Food Saver sealers work with the vac bags, some may vacuum seal glass jars and canisters, especially the ones which come with external compressors.


With the recent development in technology, Food Saver vacuum sealers now have many innovative functions, thus, you might need to list the functions you want your sealer to have before you purchase one. When Food Saver vacuum sealers 1st came out in the market, they were just simple and practical devices. But today, there are many features which this wonderful appliance offers. You just need to determine which features are best suited for you.

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Final Thought

FoodSaver is well recognized for their quality products and the continuous release of new models every time. There are a variety of models from Food Saver to choose from and regardless of the model you choose, you will appreciate the fact that you can keep food fresh for long periods while maintaining its flavor.

When making your purchase, you will need to consider a number of factors such as cost, features, convenience, and size among others. This can be a daunting process, the more reason we have thoroughly reviewed the 10 best food saver and popular FoodSaver models to help you in making the right decision.

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