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AQV Automatic Vacuum Sealer Review – Truly Why it’s Comparable?

To preserve the quality of preserved foods, taste and nutrition vacuum sealer’s requirements are undeniable. A better vacuum sealer helps maintain the quality of food, while on the other hand it plays an important role in saving money. AQV Automatic Vacuum Sealer such a food sealing machine which helps you to keep your raw and even cooked foods fresh for 5x time longer.

AQV Automatic Vacuum Sealer Review

Here are some key features of the AQV Automatic Vacuum Sealer that makes it considerable compared to other top rated food saver model.

Key Features of the AQV Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

Comes with 4 easy to use modes
You will be able to store any kind of food according to your specific needs because of the AQV’s four specialty modes. You can correctly store food to be used later or store fresh, seasonal or specialty foods to be used in the future when you use this convenient vacuum sealing system.

Multi-purpose use sealer
Aside from storing food, you can also store different items with the AQV vacuum food sealer. You can vacuum seal and store clothes to reduce cabinet space; you can store delicate items such as collectible items and preserve their value forever. You can also use this multi-purpose sealer to vacuum seal seeds to preserve their viability and to be used later. This sealer is also very easy to use with simple controls. 

Easy to clean BPA-free and stainless steel finish
This vacuum sealer has a stainless steel surface that won’t be very difficult to clean. Just wipe and you are ready to go. This sealer uses BPA-free plastic bags which mean your food will be safe, chemical-free and will stay fresh longer.

Comes with free accessories
The AQV automatic vacuum sealing system comes with a starter kit complete with accessories. These are things that you need to start using this vacuum system out of the box.

You get 5 free high-quality starter kit vacuum bags which you can use to store different kinds of fresh and non-perishable foods longer and vacuum roll bags. This vacuum sealer also comes with a vacuum hose that you can attach to vacuum containers to store different kinds of items.

Powerful engine for fast and efficient sealing
You can vacuum seal all kinds of food and household items fast and easy with the AQV’s powerful engine. This efficient engine lets you vacuum seal items for 10-20 seconds while regular sealing time can take 6 to 10 seconds. However, larger and thicker foods can take a longer time to seal.

  • Conveniently store dry and moist foods. You can preserve fresh, dry and moist food longer.
  • Seal leftover food for reuse later or seal fresh food to be stored for a long time.
  • Seal and store not just food with the AQV Automatic Vacuum Sealing System; you can also store non-perishable items like clothes, collectible items and more.
  • Can make food last 5 times longer than any other food preservation technique.
  • Comes with necessary accessories to use preserve food and other household items right away.

  • Takes a long time to seal food. It could take you up to 20 seconds or more to seal a piece of food.
  • Comes with only 5 high-quality vacuum bags. You need to purchase additional bags and spend more.

What users are saying about AQV Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

Almost everyone who has purchased the AQV Automatic Vacuum Sealing System has high praises for this vacuum sealer. Some admired how simple it was to use and were very impressed with the machine’s simple design and easy to use controls.

What users are saying about AQV Automatic Vacuum Sealing System

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Most of the reviews that this sealer received focused on how perfectly it was able to seal all kinds of food. I have personally used the AQV and found it very easy to use. It was able to preserve all kinds of food as expected, from fresh food, grains, deli meats and more.

AQV Automatic Vacuum Sealing System vs.  Mooka (TVS – 2150) 4-in-1

The AQV Automatic Vacuum Sealing System and the Mooka TVS- 2150 vacuum sealer machine are two of the most popular and highly-recommended sealing machines in the market today. However, the AQV clearly outweighs the Mooka when it comes to versatility.

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The AQV vacuum sealer has 4 different settings to perfectly choose the right setting to preserve your food while the Mooka has only one standard setting.

But possibly what makes the Mooka 4-in-1 better than the AQV is that the Mooka has a working width of 30 cm which lets it  seal or pump two packs at a time. The Mooka has a heat-resistant sealing strip that can work 40 times continuously without damaging the sealer.

How better than any top rated vacuum sealer?

Compared to other top rated vacuum sealers in the market, the AQV automatic vacuum sealer stands out from the rest because of its outstanding features and ease of use. Possibly the most important feature that makes this machine better is that it has 4 preset settings to let you preserve food according to your needs.

Not all vacuum sealing machines in the market has this feature. And of course, compared to other vacuum sealing units, the AQV looks sleek, professional and will look great in any kitchen. It will surely be a great addition to any home or office kitchen or pantry.

Is AQV Automatic Vacuum sealer worth the money you spend on it?

The AQV vacuum sealer is indeed worth your money because it will preserve all kinds of food to last longer and to consume later. You can purchase seasonal food and specialty food and seal them so you can use them later. You can also purchase food in bulk and save money.

Is AQV Automatic Vacuum sealer worth the money you spend on it?

You don’t need to worry about keeping food and spoiling food because these can last for a long, long time. Truly, all these reasons make the AQV automatic vacuum sealer worth your time and money as well.


The AQV automatic vacuum sealing system is a versatile storing solution that will let you preserve fresh food, non-perishable food and household items. It is easy to use and very easy to clean as well. It  has a sleek finish that you can clean easily.

It has 4 preset settings to let you preserve food accordingly; this feature is not found in all vacuum sealing systems in the market. It could be a great addition to your home kitchen or office pantry.

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